Is Facebook Spying on it’s users?

Recently, facebook citizens around the globe heard a news that traumatized us all. It happened when a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower blamed the famous social media website for spying on its citizens, in order to know their personal privileges and other personal data.

It was said that the widely used social media app benefits through this spying by achieving enhanced efficiency in their advertising roles. If a website knew what a person talks about, most frequently, thy will better be able to identify

which advertisements are to be shown to that specific person.

To cut the long story short, the blame was that facebook uses people’s mobile phones to spy on them at home or at work. It was further added that Facebook uses the microphone on mobile phones to help tailor the adverts that people might be interested in.

Accusations were also made in front of the Commons Committee that Facebook is able to differentiate if someone is out in a crowd of people, in the office or at home.

Proofs and Suspicions

Substance was added to these allegations, when one person claimed that he had never had wine in his entire life. Yet, a friend mentioned to him some wine delivery service while having a random conversation, and he saw a wine advertisement the next day on his facebook newsfeed while surfing through the famous social media app.

Another person stood up to claim that he has no friends added in his facebook account and has liked mere 5 pages. But still, this website manages to show him suggestions to add friends that are from his
school, particularly mentioning a fellow journalist, and a brother on an ex.

Although this information might not seem enough to put such massive accusations on a renowned social media website. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that these examples do foretell an alarming
situation that might be awaiting all users at Facebook.

The Reaction given by Authorities

Although, facebook issued another denial recently, claiming that it is ust not true’ that it eavesdrops on its users to target them with advertisements. The official statement also included that facebook has o plans’ to listen to your private conversations. Now, that does calm the situation. Or not. Saying something, and meaning something are two different things.

It is not that one should completely rule out the fact that the popular social media website, loved by many over the span of years, might be innocent. But, what is weird about all this is facebook’s undeniably creepy ability to know what we are looking for, or show the exact same thing we talked about a day earlier. One must say, just like these social media websites have managed to entertain us over the years, they have also managed to scare us quite a bit! To maintain one’s privacy and to ensure safety, it is evident now that we should consider minimizing the use of these websites, and head towards a much more secure lifestyle.

As for now, we are confused between two options. The first one being to update our own belief systems and think of all the above mentioned happenings as a mere o-incidence’, or to turn our belief systems to another thing that we know deep down is possible: spying.