Denmark, the country with the best judicial and justice system in the world

When looking at the judicial systems in the world, it is a common misconception that the United states is an automatic leader as it is the super power. Thus is not always the case, as even in comparison with other countries it is not even in top 10. Denmark, a country of relative calm takes the mantel of having the best judicial and justice system and when coupled with its unique rehabilitation program it makes it a world leader.

Factors that lead to Denmark being considered the best

In ranking different countries, the same marking procedure cannot be used as a yardstick as different countries have different sets of rule of law in which the govern. To classify effectives, citizens perception comes into play with three main features are taken into account. This include

• Smooth transition of power in the government

• Swift and corruption free delivery of services and

• Willingness and openness of the government to listen and offer solutions to specific complaints

This three elements largely give an overview of the amount of faith people have in their judicial system.

Reforms to the judicial system

To ensure they keep at par and continue meeting the country’s need, Denmark has made it a point to make changes to its judicial system. Since the 1950, more reforms have been made than any other country in the world and they have added specific aspects to its legal system that includes changing the complete makeup periodically. This has also come in the form of additional judicial and legislative branches. In a nutshell this translates to more courts to meet the current needs of the people. Various elements have also been added that in all raises its judicial efficient level includes inclusion of review boards and special courts to deal with unique judicial issues that arise. In all this has led to the justice system being viewed as accessible, affordable and devoid of discrimination and hence translates to a sound and fair judicial system in the world.

Rehabilitation system

The prison rehabilitation system has also been highlighted as most noteworthy in the world, often mentioned as extremely luxurious for a prison system. This is largely due to the policy they implement that is based on treating prisoners with utmost respect, mimicking how they will leave outside and hence ensuring that they also react in a humane manner. Unlike other prison systems in the world, prisoners in Bastoy prison in Denmark live in community like system called pods. In this pods, prisoners have access to television and computers with shower and sanitation system marked as a priority.

In addition to the luxuries, more freedom is awarded to prisoners who are offered, skill training and earning opportunities. Responsibilities are however added as only one meal a day is provided and they are supposed to fend for themselves as they are given an opportunity to earn up to £6 a day that they use to make their breakfast and evening meals. The work they do includes tending to sheep, cow , chicken , farm or work at the timber or bicycle shop with many given the opportunity to own bicycles.

Does it work

With all the luxuries awarded to them, its common to conclude that most would want to reoffend and thus be sent back to prison. Shockingly the reoffending rate is the lowest in Europe standing at a rate of 16%. Denmark as a whole has a reoffending percentage of 30%, half the average of UK. The main clinical psychologist behind this policy system lauds its success on its objective of treating the prisoners as humans and thus nurture a sense of responsibility. With this its no wonder Denmark has the best judicial and justice e system in the world.