Pending Lawsuits of Today’s Internet Giants: Google & YouTube

The internet is an integral element in today’s technology-oriented generation, where people have adapted to include operating systems and software applications in their day-to-day lives. People are getting more and more dependent on the internet and uses it as a medium for entertainment and information-gathering purposes. Today, we are presented with a myriad of platforms to choose from. But among them, the internet giants Google and YouTube remains undisputed at the top of the industry ladder for years by now. However, despite the great milestone and success they have now, these industry giants went through tons of lawsuits and are still facing some of them up to this day.

Pending lawsuits of Google

#1 Google was filed with a lawsuit over face prints

Google was accused to violate an Illinois biometric privacy law by compiling face prints for their facial recognition technology scanner—that uploads every photo into their cloud-based Google Photos. The act was done without the consent or even knowledge of the people. A similar case was filed against Google during 2016, in federal district court of Illinois. The court favored the side of the company, claiming that they did not violate people’s privacy by using facial recognition technology, and claims that faces are “public” information. Nevertheless, the new case filed for Google is still on the process.

#2 Google’s Educational Technology has a privacy problem

Google was sued for another privacy-related issue. New Mexico is accusing Google for allegedly invading the children’s privacy through their educational products that they’ve provided to state schools in the country. It is said that even the personal data and activities of the children are being tracked with the device. While Google continues to deny all accusations and charges against them, several government agencies have already filed similar cases such as violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) as well as the state’s Unfair Practices Act.

Pending lawsuit of YouTube

#1 YouTube accused of censoring Queer Vloggers

Queer YouTube vloggers and those who belong to the LGBT community are accusing the privately owned video-sharing company, YouTube for targeting their videos not because of its content, but because of the YouTube vloggers’ sexual orientations. As a counter for these accusations, YouTube claims that they kept a “viewpoint-neutral” point of view in their business proceedings, and that they are not censoring the Queer YouTube vloggers’ content because of their sexual identities.

PragerU vs. Google and YouTube

PragerU’s legal hustle against the two internet giants Google and YouTube has been going on for years now. The complaint is accusing the two companies of violating and restricting their freedom of speech and expression. The media company, PragerU has filed a case against video-sharing giant, YouTube for placing restrictions on the company’s short animated educational videos.Today, PragerU is running a “two-track litigation” against Google at both state and federal court level. Moreover, PragerU alleges that both companies Google and YouTube are violating the governing laws of California in four ways: violation of freedom of speech, discriminating against PragerU based on its political, religious, and other discriminatory animus.