The prison industrial complex in the United States

There are millions of prisoners worldwide, but did you know the United States alone accounts for the 25% of the world’s total prisoners? People say that some people belong in prison, but some get sent to for very rivial’ and stupid offenses.

What is prison Industrial Complex?

It is an American phenomenon in which Prisons are being privatized and set up for profits. The Prison Industrial Complex has been a trending Issue over the past Decades.

This normally happens when the Federal government hands over the management of some of their prisons to Private Corporations. These Corporations then operate and run these prisons at a profit. There is a lot of political influence involved in the management; as a result, there is a lot of influence in passing legislation laws in favor of these Corporations.

As you can guess, this has corrupted the prison Climate–Prisons are no longer run in the specified manner. It is now breeding the criminal organizations and sending thousands of Innocent lives to their deaths.

A brief history of Prison Industrial Complex

The initiation of the Prison Industrial Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) in 1979 allowed the inmates to earn wages from private sector jobs that go towards victim compensation, tax deductions, and family support. This was aimed at motivating the government to create the employment that would mimic private sector work and generate services that would ensure the contribution of Inmates to the Society.

The prison industry recorded an increase in profits from 391 million dollars to 1.31 billion dollars.

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was founded in 1984, in Houston Texas with a goal of creating partnerships with correctional facilities through substitution of government shortcomings with better solutions. It is today known as CoreCivic and manages over 65 correctional facilities and brings a revenue exceeding $1.7 billion.

Wackenhut corrections programs (WCC) today recognized as Geo Group, was established in 1988. It is currently the second biggest managing at least 70 correctional facilities.

The Violent Crime Control Act and Enforcement Control Act were passed in 1994 by President Bill Clinton. The Act directly allocated increased funding of $9.7 billion to prisons. It also increased the effects of mass incarceration and increased the profit margins of private Specialize Corporations such as Geo Group and CCA.
Over 1.5 million people were incarcerated in 1995 only, an increase from 949 000 inmates in 1993.

Obama administration stepped in and issued an Executive Policy which reduced the number of Private-federal Prison contracts but was reversed with Trumps Presidency.

Today there’s much-increased immigration enforcement and even harsher sentences.
Privatization has been met with many criticisms and has been accused to increase incarceration in order to increase profits.

Prison business today is among the most lucrative

Financial investment companies have noticed the large amount being raked by CCA and are now among the largest investor in private prisons. The prison business is no doubt a lucrative business.

Some financial investments which have invested in this sector include; The Bank of America, vanguard group, Wells Fargo and General Electric.

Most state penitentiaries inmates receive wages for their work. They get as little as 17 cents per hour in private-run prisons. CCA in Tennessee is the highest paying and give their prisoner 50 cents per hour.

With the cheap prison labor, it is not a surprise to see major companies investing heavily in them.