What steps to take during a car accident

A car accident can be really stressful. Imagine that seconds ago, you were involved in a sudden car accident . In the midst of panic, fear, and high emotions its understandable that you’re unable to think clearly.

But what should you do if you find yourself in a car accident? There are important things you should do at the scene of the accident and afterward.

Below are steps you should take immediately after an accident.

1. Make sure you are not injured.

Before you even consider moving, you should make sure you are not injured. in case of serious injury, call 911 immediately.

2. Check on your passengers.

Check on your passengers to make sure everybody is okay. If anyone is injured, call for help or ask for emergency

If all of you are okay, exit the car and wait for medical and emergency personnel to assess whether you are completely okay. If a person is unconscious, don’t move them until qualified help arrives on the scene.

3. Stay on the scene.

Do not leave the accident scene until you are allowed to do so.You risk criminal charges especially if the person involved sustained injuries or was killed.

Wait for authorities to arrive at the scene of the accident and explain to them in details exactly what happened. An investigation will be carried out to determine who was at fault. If you flee, you stand being a fugitive for being a hit and run driver.

4. Take photos of the scene.

Taking photos will help to recall the overall situation and general details of the accident. It’s wise to take images of the scene, including pictures of all the cars involved, license plates and street view.

These pictures can be helpful especially if the accident was not your fault. Pictures also help the insurance company determine how much you should be compensated for the damage to your car. You should collect as much information as you can to provide evidence where necessary.

5. Inform your insurance company.

Immediately inform your insurance company after you’ve been involved in an accident. Explain how the accident occurred and keep all the facts clear. Don’t lie about anything, lying to the insurance company can get you into serious trouble including denial of coverage. Try not to admit to being guilty.

6. Exchange information.

Get all the information concerning the accident including phone numbers, license plate numbers, basic insurance information and driver’s license information of all the drivers involved.

If passengers were involved, also obtain their information including names and phone numbers. Make sure you have all the basic information needed in case of further investigations.

7. Get a lawsuit and hire a car accident lawyer

You can sue the other party for endangering your life if the person caused the accident by being careless and thoughtless.

Drivers must be careful not to injure other drivers, if the driver is not careful enough he or she is liable for injuring the victim in the accident.

If you are the victim and you can prove that the other driver was negligent, you can file for a lawsuit.